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Development Finance

Development Finance Solutions

The borrowing potential in property development finance is contingent upon several variables, including your project specifics, collateral, and expertise.

Through our extensive lender network, we curate tailored solutions to match your distinct requirements:

  • Borrowing thresholds extend from £50,000 to £25M, accommodating projects of diverse scopes.
  • Loan durations range from 1 month to five years, aligning with project timelines for optimal flexibility.
  • Competitive interest rates commence at 1.5% over Bank of England per annum, ensuring cost-efficient financing options.

Your borrowing capacity in property development finance is computed based on:

  1. Gross Development Value (GDV) of your project.
  2. Your development acumen and past experience.
  3. Your financial standing and viability.

Lenders typically extend loans up to 65% of the GDV, contingent upon their confidence in your project viability and financial projections.

For projects showcasing robust developer contributions and a proven track record, supplementary mezzanine finance may be arranged, covering up to 90% of the GDV.

Residential Development Finance

Our finance solutions cater to developers embarking on diverse projects, including multi-unit residential properties, new constructions, conversions, or refurbishments.

Build to Rent

Our Build to Rent product facilitates the development of purpose-built, investment-grade properties offering unparalleled resident amenities such as concierge services, gyms, and communal spaces. Developers can retain ownership, benefitting from rental income and enhanced operational services.

Student Accommodation Development Finance

We extend lending support to developers constructing quality student accommodation with high letting potential. Given the burgeoning student population, purpose-built accommodation is increasingly favored by universities.

Bridging Finance

Our short-term funding solutions offer swift access to capital, ideal for immediate financial needs or prioritizing property acquisitions.

Pre-planning Finance

We collaborate with developers to fund sites awaiting full planning permission for residential use, recognizing the dynamic property market's need for progression.

Development Exit Finance

This financing option involves repaying existing development loans with more cost-effective exit loans, calculated based on project completion, thus mitigating lender risk and securing favorable rates.

Our strength lies in our extensive network, granting access to diverse funding solutions from high street and private banks, specialist lenders, family offices, wealth managers, and private investor fund groups. Trust us to navigate your development journey with expertise and tailored financial solutions.

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