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HMO Mortgages

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HMO Mortgages

As an HMO landlord, your aim is to enhance profitability, optimize savings, expand your property portfolio, and amplify your investments. Our team of mortgage specialists is dedicated to assisting you in achieving these objectives.

Exploring Mortgages for HMOs

Whether you're contemplating HMO investments under personal names, limited companies, trading businesses, or incorporations, we provide insights into the latest HMO purchase and remortgage rates.

Key Features:
  • Competitive Rates from 3.00%: We source the best HMO lending rates to help you save money.
  • Up to 85% Loan to Value (LTV): Obtain the financing necessary to realize your HMO investment goals.
  • No Minimum Income: Access a diverse range of products without stringent income prerequisites.
  • Zero Upfront Fees: Benefit from low fees and transparent charges.
  • Loans Starting from £25k+: Choose from an extensive selection of mortgages tailored to your needs.
Understanding Lending Criteria:

Lending criteria for HMO buy-to-let mortgages varies among lenders. In addition to standard eligibility factors such as age and credit history, lenders typically consider:

  • Landlord Experience:Many lenders require a minimum of two years' landlord experience due to the unique challenges of managing an HMO. However, some lenders accommodate first-time landlords.
  • Management Arrangements:Certain lenders mandate property management by a letting agent rather than the landlord, particularly for inexperienced landlords.
  • HMO Location: Lenders assess the rental market viability in the property's location, favoring city centers over rural areas and often restricting lending to specific postcodes.
  • Building Specifications: Some lenders impose restrictions on the number of storeys, bedrooms, kitchens, and tenant types.
  • HMO Licensing: While some lenders require licensing even if not mandatory, others may decline lending on properties necessitating mandatory licensing.

Our team provides comprehensive guidance on navigating these criteria and ensures informed decision-making throughout the mortgage process.

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