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Private Bank Mortgages

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Private Bank Mortgages

In pursuit of ambitious property endeavors, aligning with an equally ambitious lender becomes imperative. For those seeking substantial mortgage loans, exploring options with a private bank often proves more advantageous than opting for a traditional high street lender.

Private banks specialise in offering bespoke mortgages that deviate from the norm of standard lenders. They cater consistently to borrowers seeking larger loans, often accommodating individuals compensated in foreign currencies or receiving sizable bonuses. Moreover, they extend lower deposit mortgages on interest-only terms, provided there is sufficient income.

Our Mortgage Broker and Private Bank Mortgages

Our Mortgage Broker collaborates with private banks to facilitate multi-million-pound mortgages for affluent clients, particularly those acquiring or refinancing prime properties in London and the southeast of England.

Through our extensive network of contacts within private banks, we offer clients tailored mortgage solutions inaccessible through high street lenders.

Competition within the private banking sector has intensified, with private lenders increasingly eager to attract new clients. As a result, mortgage pricing has improved, with high street lenders now targeting larger loan sizes.

Private Banks typically consider offering mortgages to applicants under the following circumstances:

  • Complex remuneration income structures
  • Requirement for a Large Mortgage Loan
  • Receipt of income through trusts or investment portfolios
  • Foreign national or expatriate status
  • Interest-Only or bonus income mortgage preferences.

Many Private Banks conveniently operate near our offices in Mayfair, facilitating swift deal arrangements when time is of the essence. We pride ourselves on offering discreet and efficient service tailored to your needs.

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