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Let to Buy Mortgages

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Let to Buy Mortgages

A Let to Buy mortgage, also known as a Rent to Buy mortgage, offers several advantages when considering a new home purchase:

  • Facilitates a Smoother Property Transaction: By bypassing the need to sell your existing property and wait for a buyer, you can expedite the purchase of your new home, reducing stress and streamlining the process.
  • Enables Equity Release: You can still unlock equity from your current property to contribute toward the deposit for your new home.
  • Financial Investment Opportunity: Owning properties in areas with high rental demand can prove financially lucrative, contributing to a robust property portfolio.

The popularity of Let to Buy mortgages has surged in recent years as more homeowners seek to maintain their properties as long-term investments.

Let to Buy mortgages empower homeowners to remortgage their properties onto a buy-to-let basis, releasing equity to fund the purchase of their new home. Our experts assist in arranging a new residential mortgage to finance the onward purchase.

Buy-to-let mortgages associated with Let to Buy arrangements enable borrowers to maximize returns by receiving rental income and potentially benefiting from future house price appreciation.

Not all lenders offer Let to Buy mortgages, and eligibility criteria vary. To qualify, homeowners typically need sufficient equity in their property to secure a minimum 25% deposit for a buy-to-let mortgage, along with strong affordability metrics.

Some lenders consider rental income from the property to augment the size of the residential mortgage loan.

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