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Self Build Mortgages

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Self Build Mortgages

Embarking on a self build project, whether it's your first venture or you're a seasoned builder, demands adequate funding to see it through its various phases. Chances are, a significant portion of this funding will be sourced through a mortgage.

At Our Mortgage Broker, we specialize in self build finance, collaborating with renowned banks and building societies to curate a suite of self build mortgages tailored to your project's unique needs.

Securing any type of mortgage has evolved into a complex process, with new affordability regulations to comprehend and fluctuating criteria to track.

When it comes to self build or renovation projects, navigating this process can be even more daunting, given the myriad considerations involved in arranging mortgage finance.

For competitive interest rates, you might find the most attractive deals for substantial loans with an arrears cost-based self build mortgage.

It's important to note that interest rates on self build mortgages are applicable solely during the build phase, typically involving interest-only payments. Upon completing your self build project, you'll transition to a standard mortgage.

Armed with profound insights into homebuilding finance and construction, as well as access to a diverse array of lenders and mortgage products, we offer exclusive mortgages meticulously crafted to meet the distinct requirements of self builders.

Our offerings feature higher lending percentages, competitive rates, and guaranteed upfront stage payments.

Rest assured, the expert advisers at Our Mortgage Broker will delve into your needs comprehensively, recommending a product only after thoroughly grasping your circumstances.

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