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Social Housing Mortgages

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Social Housing Mortgages

If you're a landlord seeking a mortgage for a property accommodating vulnerable tenants under a specialized lease, you've come to the right place.

Understanding Supported Living Mortgages

Supported living mortgages cater to landlords renting out properties through leases with registered providers, such as housing associations, charities, care providers, or local authorities.

Under this arrangement, landlords sign a lease with a registered provider for a predetermined term. The provider then oversees tenant placement, ensuring individuals in need of accommodation are housed appropriately. With a lease in place, landlords receive monthly rental payments directly from the provider, guaranteeing a steady income stream.

Investing in supported living properties offers the advantage of provider-managed property maintenance, alleviating landlord responsibilities. This hands-off approach appeals to investors, regardless of their experience level, making it a viable option for newcomers and seasoned professionals alike.

Our Value Proposition:

Given the unique nature of properties accommodating potentially vulnerable tenants, lenders' acceptance of such leases may be limited. Several factors influence lender acceptance, including:

  • Lease Duration
  • Existence of Break Clauses
  • Level of Support/Care Provided
  • Tenant Profiles
  • Landlord Experience
  • Terms of the Lease/Care Provision Arrangements

We navigate these complexities to identify suitable mortgage solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring seamless transactions and peace of mind throughout the process.

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