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Residential Remortgages

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Residential Remortgages

Remortgaging Explained Remortgaging involves the process of replacing your existing mortgage on your property with a new one, often switching from one lender to another. This new mortgage replaces the previous one and can offer various benefits to homeowners. Many individuals opt for remortgaging as their existing mortgage term nears its end, seeking improved deals or aiming to access additional funds against their property.

 Is Remortgaging Right for You? Remortgaging may be a suitable option if: - Your current mortgage's introductory deal is approaching its end, and you wish to avoid transitioning to your lender’s SVR (standard variable rate). - You aim to consolidate debts. - You require funds for home improvements. - You anticipate significant expenses like a wedding, school fees, or assisting children with a deposit. - Your property has appreciated in value, enabling you to benefit from lower rates with a reduced LTV (loan-to-value) product. - Your existing lender's product transfer rate is high, and remortgaging offers a more cost-effective alternative.

Securing the Best Remortgage Deal

To find the optimal remortgage deal tailored to your needs, consider reaching out to a broker. Brokers possess access to a broader spectrum of lenders compared to individual applications and boast the expertise required to identify superior remortgage opportunities. Moreover, you can enhance the remortgage rates and deals available to you by maintaining a positive credit history and providing a larger deposit.

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